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Does My Cat Need Both Wet and Dry Cat Food?

Does My Cat Need Both Wet and Dry Cat Food?

Wet Cat Food Hydrates to Promote Urinary Tract Health

If your cat doesn’t get enough water each day, they will not urinate frequently. Infrequent urination can lead to the formation of mineral crystals or urinary stones, causing your cat a great deal of pain and potentially blocking their urethra. Urethra obstruction is a serious medical issue that requires immediate medical attention in order to prevent serious issues for your cat. Signs of urinary blockage include straining to pee, producing little to no urine and/or expressing pain while trying to urinate. If you notice your cat exhibiting any of these behaviors, contact your veterinarian immediately.

To help supplement their water intake, wet food also has a great deal of water in the formula. Having one meal of wet food a day, or combining canned cat food in with your cat’s dry food, will help them urinate more frequently, preventing the buildup of minerals and urinary stones.

Adding Wet Cat Food Can Help You Manage Their Weight

Dry cat food typically contains a higher proportion of carbohydrates and less moisture, making it denser in calories. Introducing wet food into your cat’s diet can provide them with additional protein to balance the carbohydrate intake. Research conducted by The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition indicates that cats consuming a diet rich in moisture tend to consume less food, aiding in weight loss and promoting increased activity. This is particularly crucial for indoor cats, as they often have lower activity levels compared to outdoor cats.

Wet cat food, being higher in protein and fat than carbohydrates, aligns better with a cat’s natural feeding instincts and supports a healthy metabolism. Incorporating both canned and dry food into your cat’s diet can supply them with the necessary nutrients for a contented and healthy life.

Incorporating wet cat food into their diet can assist in managing their weight

Typically, when given a choice, most cats will prefer to eat a mixture of wet and dry food as opposed to dry food alone. Wet cat food can add extra enjoyment to mealtime because it adds flavor and a variety of protein sources and textures. Especially if your cat is a picky or finicky eater, mixing wet cat food and dry cat food may give them the variety they desire.

In general, cats tend to favor a combination of wet and dry food over solely dry food when provided with options. Wet cat food enhances mealtime pleasure by introducing flavors, various protein sources, and textures. This is particularly beneficial for finicky eaters, as the mix of wet and dry cat food offers the variety they often seek, making mealtime a more enjoyable experience for them.

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