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Looking to make your cat happy? Think about getting cat wall shelves. Cats love climbing, perching, and hiding. Many cat owners have heard of cat trees or modern cat furniture, but cat wall shelves are a cool choice that saves floor space. read more

Cat wall furniture makes your home a fun playground for your cat. You can transform any wall into a fun spot with cat wall shelves.

PCH offers various cat wall shelves to pick from. You might like a wall-mounted cat tree like the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Wall-Mounted Cat Complex. It has lots of fun stuff like scratching posts, hiding spots, perches, and more. This set includes a challenging maze with hanging hammocks, a ladder, a sisal scratching pole, and planters.

These shelves help your cat stay active and happy by letting them climb, just like they naturally want to. It’s a great present for a cat that’s feeling a bit worried.

Your cat will love resting on the window perches without being seen easily. These shelves can handle up to 32 pounds. Wall shelves are a modern choice for cat furniture compared to old-fashioned cat houses.

If you don’t want to use wall space, you can check out cat condos and trees for keeping your cat entertained. Along with fun stuff, PCH also offers important cat things like food and litter boxes. They have different types of cat litter boxes from top pet brands. Find all you need to take care of your furry friend, from comfy cat beds to playful cat toys, at PCH’s online pet store.

Benefits of Cat Shelves:

  • Enrichment: Feline shelves encourage natural behaviors like climbing and jumping, providing mental and physical stimulation.
  • Space Optimization: They utilize vertical space, ideal for homes with limited floor space.
  • Safe Haven: Shelves can serve as safe retreats for shy or anxious cats.
  • Reduced Clutter: By giving your cat a dedicated space, you can minimize clutter on furniture and countertops.

Types of Cat Shelves:

  1. Floating Shelves: These sleek shelves blend seamlessly with your home décor.
  2. Tree-Style Shelves: Mimic a tree with platforms at various heights, offering multiple perching spots.
  3. Wall-Mounted Steps: Provide a stair-like design for easy climbing.
  4. Corner Shelves: Perfect for utilizing corner spaces effectively.

Installation Tips:

  1. Sturdy Mounting: Use sturdy brackets and hardware to ensure shelves can support your cat’s weight.
  2. Placement: Install shelves at varying heights and near windows for optimal cat enjoyment.
  3. Accessibility: Place shelves strategically to create a continuous climbing path.
  4. Safety: Ensure edges are rounded, and there are no sharp corners that could harm your cat.

These are more than just furniture; they’re a way to enhance your cat’s environment and overall well-being. By choosing the right type, installing them strategically, and considering your cat’s preferences, you can create a stimulating and comfortable space that both you and your feline companion will love.


Do cats like wall shelves?

Many cats love wall shelves and find joy in perching up high. Older or less mobile cats might prefer lower shelves, and it’s a good idea to place the shelves close to a piece of furniture to help them jump up. Make sure the shelves are strong and have comfortable, washable padding that’s easy to clean.

Are shelves suitable for all cats?

Yes, feline shelves can benefit cats of all ages and activity levels. However, consider your cat’s personality and preferences when choosing the type and placement of shelves.

What size should cat wall shelves be?

Your wall shelves need to be big enough for your cat to jump onto and relax comfortably once they’re up there. A good size for many feline shelves is 12 inches by 18 inches, but bigger cats might need even more space.

Are wall shelves safe?

The wall shelves are safe when you install them correctly, following the instructions from the manufacturer. Many shelves suggest using the provided hardware or strong mounting hardware and securing it into a wall stud. Avoid mounting shelves on weak or damaged walls like crumbling plaster. Before letting your cat use the shelves, always check that they are stable and sturdy. If your cat has trouble moving or seeing, it’s best to skip using shelves for safety.

How far apart should wall shelves be?

Make sure your pet wall shelves are placed 11-18 inches apart sideways and 10-17 inches apart up and down. This way, your cat can hop on them easily without any trouble or effort. If your cat is older or smaller, put the shelves closer together to make it easier for them to jump. It’s better to have them a bit closer if you’re unsure.

How many shelves should I install?

The number of shelves depends on your space and your cat’s needs. Start with a few and observe your cat’s usage patterns to determine if more are needed.

Are feline shelves easy to clean?

Most shelves are easy to clean, especially if they’re made of materials like wood or metal. Simply wipe them down regularly with a pet-safe cleaner.

Will my cat use the shelves?

While every cat is different, most cats are naturally curious and enjoy elevated spaces. Introduce the shelves gradually, using treats or toys to encourage exploration.

Can I DIY feline shelves?

Absolutely! Many cat owners opt to create their shelves using materials like wood, brackets, and carpeting. Just ensure they are sturdy and safe for your cat.

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