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Cat Window Perch

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A cat window perch is a cozy and elevated resting spot designed specifically for cats to enjoy a panoramic view of the outdoors from the comfort of indoors. It typically attaches to a window sill and provides a secure platform for cats to lounge, nap, and watch birds or passersby read more

Does your cat require a cozy spot to relax on while taking catnaps—a cat window perch? Cats can have lots of fun places to play and hang out in cat trees and condos, but occasionally they would like a private perch with a view. A window perch for cats can provide your adorable pet with an ideal location to nap or a secure area to observe their territory and the surrounding area. Depending on what your beloved cat requires, there are many different designs to pick from when it comes to cat perches. A cat window perch is an excellent idea if your indoor cat is mentally unsatisfied and might use some extra stimulation.

Types of Cat Window Perch

There are many cat window perches available from PCH that fasten to windows or window sills to keep your feline friends safely in place. For a cot-style perch, consider the Oster Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed. You can purchase a cat window perch that doubles as a cat scratcher, such as the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle if your active cat needs a little extra playing.

PCH provides window cat houses and enclosed cat perches for cats who prefer more private, hidden locations. Your cat will feel secure in the K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Penthouse Window Cat House as they enjoy the outdoors and the animals that it has to offer. To give both cats a window view, cat parents who own many cats can even purchase a two-level cat window perch. The Frisco 20-inch Cat Tree is one of the stand-alone cat perch solutions that PCH offers for the cat that prefers to be closer to the ground. Every cat will be delighted and entertained for a long time with these cat perches that also function as scratching posts.

Check out the selection of cat window perches and other cat perch options that PCH has to offer to pick one that your cat will adore. Cats appreciate having an elevated platform to lounge on, nap on, and view nature from.

Benefits of Cat Window Perch

The Cat Window Perch is a truly wonderful item for cats. Cats enjoy lounging near windows and in the sunshine. Providing them with a private area in the sun might be quite enjoyable for them! Seeing birds outside and taking in the world provides cats with a great deal of excitement, especially when they are indoor cats. Your cats will spend most of the day in their window perch if you get them one. These perches are more cherished than any cat tree or cat bed we have ever owned in our home.

How to Install and Maintain Cat Window Perch?

Assembling the model we had was rather simple. The base was built by pipes that had to be plugged into joiners. The bed space was created by the pipes’ extended length passing through the base fabric. Huge suction cups on ropes were positioned at the top, giving the impression of being more industrial, while large suction cups were positioned at the bottom. Once more, these are quite simple to put on, and everything made sense. After pulling over the remaining fabric base, Velcro was used to secure it. This base is solid yet quite tight. We screwed these as tight as we could and then let the entire thing sit on our window for an hour, before placing the cats onto them or letting them go on.

You may be wondering how your cat window perch attaches to the window because I wasn’t sure if this would work. We began by carefully cleaning and drying our windows with window cleaner, and then we washed them down and let them air dry. As instructed on the package, take the suction cups, give them a good sprinkling of hot water, wipe them off, and press them up against a cold window. With a screw mechanism on the back, the larger, more industrial-looking suction cups may be attached to the glass and tightened.

It’s quite amazing that since installing the top suction cups, they have never genuinely fallen. Though they are learning not to wander around on the platform, it is rather simple to put the left-hand bottom suction cup back up because it is simply the bottom suction cup. This happens occasionally when the two cats move around on the same perch, not sleeping but moving around.

What to Look for in Cat Window Perches


Cat window perches are intended to be mounted to glass or a nearby wall, therefore the majority of installation methods must be non-destructive, simple to remove, and leave no strange residue on your windows. Although suction cups are a non-permanent, easily adjustable, and user-friendly mounting solution, they aren’t always the best. Everybody has ever used a suction cup to mount anything only to have it fall off in the middle of the day or night. Nonetheless, there are a few solutions to lessen this issue.

After washing the suction cups with mild soap, let them air dry fully to guarantee the greatest suction installation. Make sure the window’s surface is clean as well. It is simpler to create a tight and reliable seal using warm suction cups since they are softer and more flexible. Suction cups can be warmed by soaking them in warm water or by placing them in the sun for some time. (Just make sure that it dries completely before using.)

Suction cups, however effective your seal, are never going to be a fully long-term fix. It is recommended that you remove and reinstall your suction cup window perch about once every thirty days.

Height and width

Even while a healthy adult cat is capable of jumping more than four feet vertically, cats are unlikely to leap so high on the spur of the moment, especially from a little cat perch. Most cats can comfortably navigate a cat perch that is about thirty inches off the ground, which is comparable to the height of a nightstand or cabinet. If your cat needs to jump from a small place, like up from a windowsill, eighteen inches high would be more manageable.

FAQs about Cat Window Perches

What’s the best cat window perch?

The best cat window perch should be easy to install, pleasant, and robust. To make cleaning and maintenance simple, look for perches with machine-washable covers. In addition to providing an additional layer of comfort, a padded perch can also make attaching it a bit simpler. Another popular option for naps with a view is cat window beds. Numerous cat-friendly and housewarming designs are available; some of the more popular ones are heated cat perches, orthopedic cat window perches, and suction cup-easy cat perches.

Do cats like window perches?

The reason most cats enjoy window perches is that they state they want to sit up high. Cats also enjoy watching birds and other interesting objects that pass by outside the window. If your cat is healthy and able to jump, think about getting them a window perch with enough room.

Are window perches safe for cats?

As long as they are installed as directed by the manufacturer and secured to a stable surface, cat window perches are safe. Before allowing your cat to use the perch, carefully follow all instructions and give it a test run. If your cat struggles to jump from furniture or has movement or vision problems, you might want to avoid getting her a window perch and instead arrange furniture so she can climb up there more safely.

How do you install a cat perch?

There should be unique installation instructions included with each cat perch. To improve the suction cups’ adhesion, first clear the window of any dust or smudges. Additionally, there should be no chips or cracks in the window.

How do I get my cat to use their window perch?

Inviting and providing a cat-appealing vantage point, a window perch also frequently doubles as a cushioned platform where cats can sunbathe or take naps. If your cat is already fond of hanging out by the windows, it is likely to find a newly placed perch interesting. On the other hand, you can use catnip or food to assist draw your cat near it.

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