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Automatic Cat Feeder

Make feeding your cat easier with an automatic cat feeder. Do you want your cat to eat at the same times every day so they don’t eat too much? Maybe you just need help feeding your cat at the right times each day. PCH has the best automatic feeders for all kinds of cats and homes read more

Make feeding time simpler and enjoyable for you and your cat with one of PCH’s excellent cat feeders. We have a variety of food dispensers, including automatic feeders, gravity feeders, and slow feeders. These feeders make feeding your cat easy and can help control how much a cat eats, especially if they’re a bit chubby. PCH has the best cat feeders for every cat and any situation!

The easiest cat feeders are gravity-fed ones that refill the bowl as your cat eats. They keep the bowl full as long as you keep the supply filled and prevent your cat from complaining when the bowl is empty in the morning. They’re handy when you’re not home to feed your cat. Automatic feeders allow you to set times for food to come out during the day, and some even let you feed your cat using Wi-Fi from your phone.

Enhancing Your Cat’s Mealtime Experience with Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders that you can program are becoming more popular among pet owners who want their cats to have the best life. These feeders are made for dry food and come with timers to give your cat the right amount of food at mealtime. They also have options for cats who like to nibble throughout the day instead of eating all at once. Some automatic feeders work with gravity to give your cat fresh food whenever there’s space in the bowl.

Does your cat eat many meals a day? The best automatic feeders can help you give them the right amount of food to keep them full and happy.

At PCH, we have the best automatic cat feeders for pet owners who need to feed their cats when they’re away, create a routine mealtime, or ensure everyone gets their snack. We also have cat water fountains to keep your kitty hydrated!

You can also pick from different types of cat food bowls to suit various feeding needs. We have elevated bowls for older or sick cats and heated bowls to prevent water and wet food from freezing in winter. We offer fun styles and shapes for serving cat food stylishly, along with cat waterers and water bottles for giving fresh water at home or when traveling. Explore our range of feeding and water-dispensing supplies to give your cat the best mealtime experience. You’ll discover many great cat feeders and more to meet all your needs!

What to Look for in an Automatic Cat Feeder Before Buying?


About automatic cat feeders, capacity and footprint are the two primary dimensions to take into account. If you wish to utilize an automatic cat feeder to keep your cats fed while you’re on the road, you should be aware that overall capacity varies greatly amongst feeders. A half-cup of dry food per day is generally the recommended amount for cats, though this can vary depending on their particular diet. A single cat might be fed for over a month with the capacity of several of our top options, which can contain five liters or more of dry food before needing to be refilled. Some feeders have separate sections that you fill up ahead of time; the capacity of those versions is usually somewhat less.

How much area you wish to give up to an automatic feeder is something else to think about. Large in size, our top choice overall is difficult to overlook in a kitchen. Several suggested feeders will require less floor area.


Our suggested feeders range from basic models with only the ability to plan meals ahead of time to fully functional ones with phone apps and Wi-Fi connectivity. Our top picks for features are clear reservoirs that let you quickly see how much kibble is left, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowls (suitable for cats with plastic sensitivity), and battery backups (in case your house loses power while you’re away). Some capabilities, including the ability to record audio messages, felt like gimmicks to our testers or were even less important. From our experience, cats barely require any encouragement and soon figure out when they’re going to be fed.

Ease of Use

We’ve assessed how easy or difficult it is to program each feeder because the programming interfaces vary widely between feeders. Ease of use depends on having clear buttons and a simple screen to guide you. Most feeders have these, but some can also be set up using a phone app. We liked feeders that offered both ways of programming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Automatic Cat Feeder

What is the best cat feeder?

The habits and preferences of your cat are going to decide which cat feeder is ideal for them. Also, it depends on the number of cats you own. A gravity feeder should be more than adequate for your needs if you free-feed your cat and like to keep things simple. An automated or timed cat feeder can be the best option if you need to feed your cat at different times while you’re gone. High-tech microchips or collar-activated feeders may be just what you need in multi-cat homes where individual cats have distinct food preferences. If your hungry cat eats too quickly, you may also try using a slow feeder to let her eat more leisurely.

How do I choose a cat feeder?

Select a cat feeder by keeping your cat’s demands in mind. Think about things like how many cats you need to feed, how much food it needs to hold, and whether you need an automatic feeder. In addition to considering if you need something high-tech with clever features or something basic like a gravity-fed feeder, look for sturdy materials, easily washable parts, and a well-designed product. Choose from a variety of cat feeders at Chewy and see which one suits your needs the best.

How do automatic cat feeders work?

Automatic cat feeders are devices powered by batteries or plugs that hold and give out cat food at specific times. They work like automatic coffee makers and let cat owners set meal times.

Feeders with a tank have a timer that opens a door to release a certain amount of food into a bowl. Once the right amount falls into the bowl, the door closes to keep the rest of the food safe. Other feeders have a circular tray with small compartments, and only one compartment is open at a time. When it’s time, the tray moves to the next compartment. Both types keep the food fresh and prevent your cat from reaching it until mealtime.

Are automatic feeders good for cats?

An automatic cat feeder could help ensure that your cat eats on time if they follow a set eating routine. An auto-feeder won’t function if it consumes moist food.

Which automatic pet feeder is best?

Automatic pet feeders come in a wide variety of styles and manufacturers. The best collection is available at PCH.

How much food can an automatic cat feeder hold?

While some automatic cat feeders have a capacity of many pounds, others are limited to a few cups. More expensive models can contain more than three pounds of food, while less expensive models usually only hold enough food for a few meals. We’ve listed each recommended feeder’s maximum capacity in cups or liters to make it easier for you to compare devices. Even though it might seem like a feeder should carry more food, since smaller containers will be replaced more regularly, food may keep fresher longer in smaller ones.

When should I refill my cat’s feeder?

When the cat feeder runs dry, you should fill it again to make sure your cat doesn’t miss any meals. For optimal operation and maintenance of automatic feeders, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can multiple cats share the same feeder?

Sharing a dish that is always filled may not provide any issues for several cats, but sharing a bowl on an automated feeder can present challenges. With only a limited quantity of food available at each meal, one cat can consume it all while the other cats go without. Slower cats risk missing meals if a faster cat gets to the bowl before them because not all cats will be as eager to eat as soon as the food falls out of the feeder.

Take into consideration getting a separate feeder for each of your cats if their eating habits prevent them from sharing a bowl. Some feeders dispense food into two separate bowls, including one recommended in this roundup.

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