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Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Cat Litter Box with Mat & Liners, 65L+9L Large Capacity Self Cleaning Litter Box, APP Control/Suitable for Multiple Cats【Optimized Version】

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  • Material: Silicone+PP
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5″L x 19.9″W x 18.9″H
  • Item Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Style: space capsule
  • Target Species: Cat

About this item

  • 【100% SAFETY DESIGN 】The patented design of the integrated litter box and trash bin structure reduces the risk of cats being trapped to 0%. Inside the litter compartment, there are no sharp edges or mechanisms that could harm your cat, ensuring 100% safety. Say goodbye to traditional drawer-style litter collection methods!
  • 【DYNAMIC POOP COLLECTION】Our EXPEDMAN automatic cat litter box solves the issues caused by the accumulation of excrement in drawer-style trash bins. It maximizes space utilization with a large 9L poop collection compartment, capable of meeting the needs of cats weighing up to 13 pounds for up to 15 days, allowing you to free your hands and travel with peace of mind.
  • 【ENHANCED SPACE UTILIZATION】With overall product dimensions of 18.9″ x 20.5″ x 19.9″, it occupies a mere 4.5 cubic feet in volume. Despite its compact size, the internal space of the device is remarkably spacious, providing your beloved cat with a generous 65L toilet area while minimizing the impact on indoor space. Note: Suitable for cats weighing up to 17.6 lbs/8kg.
  • 【STRENGTHENED MONITORING AND SECURITY】The bottom of the device is equipped with four gravity-sensing sensors. Information about your cat’s toileting, including frequency, timing, and weight changes, will be displayed through the application. For accuracy in monitoring, please place the device on a hard, flat surface, and avoid placing litter mats/carpets underneath. Additionally, the front-facing infrared sensor can automatically halt rotation when your cat approaches, ensuring your cat’s safety.
  • 【APP CONTROL & HEALTH MONITORING】You can control your self-cleaning litter box with the EXPEDMAN app anytime, anywhere, and continuously monitor your cat’s health and activity status. *Only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the usage process, even if your device has passed the 30-day return period. (💌[email protected])
  • 【THE ULTIMATE CAT CARE KIT】We consider our pets as cherished members of our family. The kit includes: ⓵ EXPEDMAN Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box*1, ⓶ Color Manual*1, ⓷ 110-120V Adapter*1, ⓸ 20*18inch Standard Drawstring Litter liners*30counts, ⓹ Cat Litter Mat*1, ⓺ Baffle Plate(Added accessories)*1, ⓻ 12 -Months After-Sale Service*1


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Customer Reviews

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Automatic cat litter box

Packaged fantastically, Simple set up, extremely quiet, cleans super well (scooping ability), and Odor Control it is awesome I don't smell anything at all. My cat was scared of it took a few days of me putting poop she made in the old box into the new box, so she would want to go in it and bury the poo poo, then 3 minutes later after she exited the cat box ( and if she reentered it before the self-cleaning started it would just reset for another 3 minutes after she exited it again) it would clean and my cat would just stared at it, lol. But on the 3rd day she finally put her front legs in and I gently pushed her in to it ( without me putting the poo poo in it ) and she went to the bathroom. I would pick up her old box during this whole time and put it in the laundry room ( this was after she did her business in the morning and then I would bring it out every two hours so she can go if she needed to ) so she would be more prone to use the new box. I also on the 3rd day, I put my hand in the litter and vigorously scratched at it, kicking it to the side of the box, so it made like a cat scratching the sand, to make a hole to do their business in, and her ears perked right up and she came right up to it very curious and going oh there's litter in there, I forgot when I had to cover up my poo poo and ran out of there after covering it, lol. So doing all these steps will help your cat acclimate to the new moving thing that moves after they exit it. Now my only downside of it is that it is a small area where the litter is put. What I mean is, they have enough room to spin around in but there body is not straight they are kinda cramped in it, but my cat has been using it on her own and when I leave the house and there are no poops or pees outside of it, so it does work for my cat but if I made one to sell to people I would make it much larger but what do I know , not much because it works for my cat and I am so so so happy with it. 10/10 best thing I ever bought. Great investment for my cat. I do anything for my cat.

It works with multiple cats

Item arrived early which was nice. Litter box is as described. It took some effort to set up the app and pair to my wifi as it automatically connects to the. The product connects to 2.4 wifi. Once I downloaded the Google Home app I was able to pair the device with no problem. The manual is OK, but could explain the functions better. What is nice is you receive a good supply of bags so you can immediately plug and play. Giving the barrel a full clean is easy, although removing it was a puzzle until I figured out it is locked in by a curved latch on the back of the machine. You can save a lot of litter by first setting the machine to do a normal clean. Then install a new clean bag and set the machine to empty. If this litter is still usable put it back in the barrel after cleaning and then top up with fresh litter. Cleaning the barrel was as easy as taking outside and hosing it clean - there's no electronics in the barrel to worry about. Let dry and reinstall, add litter and let the machine recalibrate itself.I have 2 cats and keep the machine in my basement bathroom. I set the machine with staggered times to clean and deodorize 4x a day each. Plus the machine automatically cleans after the cats use it. This has kept down on large clumps forming and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh. You can adjust clumping time so the machine doesn't try to clean out wet, sticky litter.Overall I'm very pleased with this product. The cats still manage to get some litter outside of the barrel so I recommend you stand it in a tray; I have mine in the shower we rarely use. With 2 cats you can go up to 7 days between cleaning. I do mine ever 5 days to keep down on odor.Overall I'd recommend this product, especially for indoor cats or those with busy schedules. Hopefully it will last.

It is amazing while it works

**UPDATE**There is a plastic gear with a metal retention plate in it that is connected to the motor. The problem was that the key from the motor wasn't long enough to actually connect with the plate, and was just within the plastic. This plastic also matches the key of the motor, but You can see in my picture that over time this plastic can get worn down, to the point where it slips more and more easily. The solution for this is to sand or file down the backside of the gear enough that the key sits flush with the retention plate as in my second photo. It does take a bit of force to push it through, but it's doable and won't cause any harm to it. Doing this makes it work without issue once again. I believe this is a design flaw/oversight, but at least it is easily remedied.*ORIGINAL REVIEW*I've had this product for 46 days. It worked great for the first 45. It's truly amazing. The motor will no longer actually turn the box. It makes a noise like it's rotating, and will move it up to a specific angle. After that, it stops and just hums. There's no safety mechanism or cut off in the programming for a hung motor, so it just goes until you unplug it, or a cat steps into it to investigate the noise. I'm going to dissassemble it and see if I can figure out what's happened. I'll update this review when I know more. This is ultra dissapointing because this was literally a perfect product until it wasnt.

I love this litter box so much!!!!

I am so happy I got this litter box for my cats.The cat is very curious about the litter box, but it quickly adapts to it after using it.The cat litter box is large in size, which is completely enough for a 15bl cat. It is very considerate to give a cat litter mat and two bundles of garbage bags. The cat litter mat effectively prevents cat litter leakage, and the feces collection box is also very convenient. It can be changed once a week. After each feces disposal, the smell is purified, and it is not smelly at all. The infrared sensor is also very timely. It stops running as soon as the cat approaches, which is very safe. It can also be connected to the mobile phone APP to control the cat litter box, which is very smart and convenient. If you are out for a few days and can't go home, you don't have to worry at all, because the mobile phone APP will send you the message of the cat's excretion. In short, it is convenient for everything and frees your hands. I love this cat litter box.

Automatic cleaning feature

The EXPEDMAN Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is an impressive solution for cat owners seeking convenience and efficiency. Its large capacity of 65L+9L accommodates multiple cats easily, making it a perfect choice for households with several feline friends. The automatic cleaning feature is a standout, significantly reducing the time and effort typically associated with litter box maintenance. Additionally, the inclusion of a mat and liners enhances cleanliness and ease of use. The ability to control the unit via an app adds a modern touch, allowing for effortless management from your smartphone. Finished in a sleek grey, this litter box not only functions well but also blends seamlessly into a variety of home decors. Overall, the EXPEDMAN Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is a high-quality, user-friendly option that promises to simplify the lives of cat owners.

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