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Potaroma Cat Toys 3in1 Automatic Interactive Kitten Toy, Fluttering Butterfly, Moving Ambush Feather, Track Balls, Dual Power Supplies, USB Powered, Indoor Exercise Kicker (Bright White)

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  • [3 in 1, Most Versatile Cat Toy Ever] – shooting feather from random holes, flying butterfly and balls in the track. The fluffy feather keeps hiding and popping out from random holes, unpredictable movement stimulates cats to swat and play. Lifelike butterfly that flaps around in the air like real easily prompts cats to pounce and bat. The balls which you can put in the track add extra fun when cats stick their claws into the track and bat the balls
  • [Smartest Cat Toy] – The feather or butterfly runs for 5 mins and then stops if left alone, then on standby for 4 hours during which cats can re-activate it with a slightest touch. If left alone for over 4 hours, the electric cat toy auto shuts off and needs to be re-started by flicking the switch
  • [Dual Power Supplies] – The amazing cat enrichment toy can run on 4 AA batteries (not included) or connected to power source at your convenience. Additional power supply option (plugged in to wall power or power bank) allows you to save the cost and hassle to replace batteries. You can use mobile phone adapter (≤5v) if you want to plug it in to wall power. Adapter is not included
  • [Mental & Physical Stimulation] – The kitten toy makes minimal mechanical noises that it won’t scare away timid cats. The feather and butterfly stimulate cat’s hunting instinct, promote healthy exercise and keep cats on her paws. With just one toy, you can simply satisfy your cat’s mental and physical needs, stop cats getting bored when you are away or engaged
  • [Tested for Safety] – Our pet toys are designed to meet stringent standards then tested against those standards because pet’s safety is our priority. The shell is made of PP resin, durable and safe for cats. And the feather and butterfly come with no sharp parts or edges, no harm for cats. One extra shooting feather refill is included in the package
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Smart Cat Toy

Why Potaroma 3 in 1 Cat Toy?

Smart Cat Toy

Dual Power Supplies

Works on AA batteries or connected to power source. USB powered feature provides longer service life since chargeable batteries will wear out.

Smart Cat Toy

Smart Touch Avtivation

Stops itself every 5 mins if left alone and keeps on standby mode for 4 hours, within which cats can re-activate it with a touch.

Smart Cat Toy

Irregular Movements

Unpredictable movements of the shooting feather and flying butterfly hold cat’s interest for a long time.

Smart Cat Toy

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies thanks to the fancy gift packaging.

Butterfly and Shooting Feather Refills Available

Fluttering Butterfly Replacements

Fluttering Butterfly Replcements (Pack of 3)

Includes 2 x butterfly + 1 x realistic feather

Shooting Feather Replacements

Shooting Feather Replacements (Pack of 6)

Inludes 2 x colored feather + 2 x spotted feather + 2 x fluffy worm

Other detail

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4 inches
  • weight: 1.43 Pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Catherine Glover
Kitten Approved! Durable toy with different features.

So I waited to write this review because, at first, my kittens didn't like the pop-out feature. The noise it made startled them. They are now adjusted to the toy and play with it often. They absolutely love the butterfly feature and play with it even when I turn it off. The balls roll easily in the tray, and it is amusing to watch them play with. I use the battery power instead of plugging it in, and it is still running strong after two months. I appreciate that I can choose which feature to run at playtime. This toy comes with an extra butterfly and a non-feather pop-out piece. The toy is noise-activated because we have been started by it going off when a loud sound happens, or we drop something. The toy is noisy, especially the pop-out feature, but I am used to a noisy home, so it is just more background noise for me. One great feature is that this toy turns off after a long period of non-use. Very durable and well made. If you don't mind a noisy toy then definitely get this toy. Kittens approved!!!

Vivian Bogue
Raven is in heaven - must buy

This product is everything you want to give to your cat. My baby loves to play and spends hours batting at the butterfly, chasing the balls and playing with the toy.

Who knew?

Bought this on a whim, our 2 cats love it! Recommended it to family members who bought one and then bought another for my daughter’s kitties.

Pleasantly surprised

When I opened the box I did not expect much. It’s pretty small and I thought it wouldn’t be a good at all. WRONG! This thing is cool. The kitten loves it. It’s got great features and best of all it’s on a timer. If the cat stops playing with it, it’ll turn off after a minute or two. There’s a motion sensor that will reactivate the toy. It brings my kitty right back to play when it comes on again. Just got it today but it’s been great so far. I’m pleased and so is kitty.

Kitty loves it buy need to stay put

My cat love lounging trying to catch the butterfly or feather but every time he does it, the whole thing moves around. It'll be a nice upgrade if it has some suction cup at the bottom or something to hold it in place. Other than that, it's a hit.

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