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IRIS USA Square Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Scoop, Large Kitty Litter Tray with Litter Catching Lid Less Tracking Dog Proof and Privacy Walls, Black/Gray

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  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Size: Square
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 20.44″L x 14.94″W x 14.31″H
  • Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Style: Top Entry – Black
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Weight Limit: 25 Pounds

About this item

About this item

  • MADE IN USA with global materials – The IRIS USA top entry kitty litter tray offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to your cat’s bathroom needs. With the top entry kitty litter box, everything stays inside and out of sight, and the enclosed design lessens the prevalence of unpleasant odors in the room, something that’s sure to make everyone in the family happy.
  • TOP ENTRY – The top entry of the cat litter pan means more privacy for your cat, less litter spillage, and any spraying remains contained within the tall walls of the kitty litter box. It also functions to keep other pets, such as dogs, out of your cat’s business, making for a stress-free environment for everyone.
  • TIDY – The grooves in the lid catch any lingering litter particles on your cat’s paws and keep them from spilling out onto the floor, keeping the area neat and clean and making clean-up a breeze.
  • ORGANIZED – The included scoop features a hook, allowing you to hang it from the side of the kitty litter pan to store it between cleanings and have it within reach whenever it’s needed, making the days of hunting around for the scoop a thing of the past.
  • GREAT SIZE – Outside dimensions: 20.5″L x 14.75″W x 14.5″H, Entry: 9.25″ Diameter, Inside dimension (bottom): 15″L x 9.75″W
  • DEEP LITTER PAN – Holds up to 20 pounds of cat litter.

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IRIS USA Rectangular Top Entry Cat Litter Box, Less Tracking, Dog Proof, Privacy Walls

No dogs allowed. Give your cat the privacy they need and keep the dog’s nose out of the litter box with this unique Top Entry Litter Box by IRIS USA, Inc. Your cat will love the easy top access that provides them room to move around and not make a mess. The small holes on the lid create a built-in mat to send litter back into the box and keep it from scattering when leaving the litter box. The rounded shape and lid hook make for quick and effortless cleaning. A molded hook on the body lets you easily hang the most scoops for convenient storage. Available in multiple colors. Made in the USA

Upgrade your cat’s litter experience with the IRIS USA Rectangular Top Entry Cat Litter Box. Designed for convenience and your cat’s comfort, this litter box revolutionizes the way you manage your pet’s waste.

Crafted with durable plastic in a sleek Black/Gray finish, this litter box measures 20.44″L x 14.94″W x 14.31″H, offering ample space for even larger cats up to 25 pounds. The square shape optimizes space in your home while ensuring your cat feels secure and cozy during litter time.

The innovative top entry design minimizes tracking, keeping your floors cleaner and reducing the time spent on tidying up. The included scoop makes maintenance a breeze, allowing you to quickly and efficiently remove waste.

Say goodbye to unwanted odors with the litter-catching lid that traps smells and keeps your living space fresh. The privacy walls provide your cat with a secluded area for uninterrupted bathroom breaks, promoting a stress-free environment.

Whether you have one cat or a multi-cat household, this litter box is a game-changer in managing litter mess while prioritizing your cat’s well-being.

Product Features

  1. TOP ENTRY DESIGN: Minimize litter tracking and mess with the innovative top entry feature.
  2. LESS TRACKING: Keep your floors cleaner with reduced litter scattered outside the box.
  3. DOG-PROOF: Prevent dogs from accessing and disturbing the litter box contents.
  4. PRIVACY WALLS: Provide your cat with a secluded space for comfortable bathroom breaks.
  5. EASY MAINTENANCE: Includes a scoop for effortless waste removal and odor control.
  6. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of sturdy plastic, suitable for cats up to 25 pounds.
  7. STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: A black/Gray finish adds a modern touch to your home while prioritizing your cat’s needs.


Solutions for everyday living

Easy Clean Up

Perfect Size for all cats

Scoop Away

Ultimate Privacy

No liners needed

Just Wipe it down

Just add litter

Made in USA with Global Materials

Privacy for all

Built to Blend in

Odor Control


Use as cat litter box only

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

Got this for my little kitty that spreads litter everywhere. Works like a charm and she loves it!Got this for my little kitty that spreads litter everywhere. Works like a charm and she loves it!

Smiling Medusa
Keeps it where it's supposed to be!

I have a male cat who likes to do weird balancing acts when he pees, and with a traditional litterbox he always managed to get it everywhere! This one keeps everything where it is supposed to be!

Lyn Grubbs
Get down kitty pail

I love this cat litter box! I have three cats and they like to SURPRISE each other while in the box I had! So I got this one so that a kitty has his privacy all around! He loved it too! The lid has holes for the excess liter to fall off so the litter is not out of the pan as much as other litter boxes! Very happy with this just maybe it could be a little bigger in width to fat a large adult cat as well!

It's a great idea but if your cat is willing to try it.

I like the idea of having them hop in and out, and being able to clean their paws on the cover. But one being a senior he wants no part of jumping and another almost a year old is already building habits to the old litter box that they share. Even with fresh litter they don't even bat eye... I tried placing the youngest one in she's hopped out, then tried the senior but he went fully spread eagle smh. I'll have to try something else with these two.

Cassandra McCain
I love this litter box

I love this product. Holes at the top allow litter to drop from paws, reducing the amount ending up on the floor. And it’s hilarious seeing my cats head poking out using the potty lol

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