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21 Pcs Pet Toys Cat Kitten Interactive Indoor Toys

21 Pcs Pet Toys Cat Kitten Interactive Indoor Toys

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Product Specification

  • Includes: Bell , Balls, Feather mouses, Sisal mice, Tunnel, Teasing stick
  • Features: Environmentally Friendly, Easy to Clean, Non Toxic, Safe
  • Type: Cat Toy Set
  • Used for: Indoor/Outdoor

Product Description

  • 21 PCS CAT TOYS - Our 21-piece cat toy set offers a wide range of toys including bell balls, rainbow balls, fuzzy balls, curly balls, bell toys, feather balls, feather mouses, fuzzy mouses, sisal mice, cat tunnel tent, and cat teasing stick. Keep your cat entertained for hours with these playful toys.
  • INTERACTIVE FUN ENVIRONMENT - Engage your cat's instincts with our interactive toys. Watch as they pounce, chase, and swat at the feather wands, fuzzy balls, and funny teasing toys included in this set. These toys can improve bonding with your cats and build trust by playing all day.
  • SAFE AND ANTI-SCRATCH - The toys in our set are made from high-quality plush natural feathers, plastic, polyester tent, and sisal material, that are safe, non-toxic and durable. They can withstand scratches, rough play and provide long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend.
  • HEALTHY EXERCISE - Help your cat stay active and stimulate their hunting instincts with our set of toys. Encourage them to jump, run, and engage in playful exercise, improving physical health and preventing boredom. These cat toys will keep your cat busy when you're away.
  • DIMENSIONS - The dimensions are 48cm(1x cat tunnel tent), 85cm(1x cat stick), 12cm(1x sisal mouse), 10.5cm(2x fuzzy mouse), 10cm(2x feather mouse), 8cm(2x feather ball), 4cm(2x bell toy), 6cm(2x curly ball), 4cm(2x fuzzy ball), 3.5cm(2x blue fuzzy ball), 3.5cm(2x rainbow ball), 3.7cm(2x bell ball).

Whether you have a furry friend at home or you're on the lookout for the perfect gift for a cat lover, our 21-piece cat toy set is the perfect choice. With a variety of interactive toys, colourful balls, mouses, and teaser sticks, this set provides everything your cat needs for endless entertainment. It is perfect for both playful kittens and big cats. Engage in enjoyable play sessions using the cat teasing stick and bell balls, fostering trust and strengthening your connection with your furry friends.

These toys for indoor cats are non-toxic and safe for your cats to play with. Crafted from plush natural feathers, polyester tent fabric, plastic, and durable sisal material, they are built to withstand rigorous play and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

The kitten toys are specifically designed to keep your furry companions occupied and entertained, especially during your absence. By engaging in play, your cats can burn off excess energy, leading to their happiness and overall well-being. The cat toy set includes a variety of toys, such as bell balls, rainbow balls, fuzzy balls, curly balls, bell toys, feather balls, feather mouses, fuzzy mouses, sisal mice, a cat tunnel tent, and a cat teasing stick. Each toy offers a unique play experience for your cats' enjoyment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Angela m.

Our new wee rag doll loved his new toys

Good value for money

Cats love them

Wet & Smelly

Outer packaging was fine and intact however the tunnel and balls sealed in a plastic bag were all wet and smelt terrible. The bells inside some of the toys were all rusted and the tunnel was covered in rust stains. Sent back immediately.

Amazing selection! Great surprise!

Fantastic selection of toys for cats. There are so many, including rattles, bells, mice, scratchy toys and feathers.My Fang's favourite is the fishing pole toy.The tunnel is great fun, and my other 2 cats, Doomkitty and Mister Tippers love chasing each other through the tunnel.I really didn't expect so much for the low price, but so glad I took the gamble. These will keep them entertained for years!

Kitten toys

Recently adopted a kitten born on a farm,she needs to learn how to become a house cat and these toy's really helped her settle in. She loves the tunnel and the balls with the bells in them. Plays everyday with her new toys and is settling in very well