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Hey-brother 71″ XL Large Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Tower with 3 Padded Perches, Big Scratcher, Cozy Basket, 2 Cat Condos, and Scratching Posts, Smoky Gray MPJ034G


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  • Color: Smoky Gray
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9″L x 18.9″W x 70.87″H
  • Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes
  • Specific Uses For Product: Scratching
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor

About this item

About this item

  • It’s tall but easy to climb: This large cat tree is 71 inches high, suitable for kitties who like to stay in high position, big cats or multiple kittens. Thanks to the idea design on structural, cats in difference sizes can climb up and down on the activity centre as much as they want
  • Taking a comfortable rest on the cat tower: Kittens can lean on the well-padded top platforms for a rest or observe the surroundings. Sleeping in cat caves, protecting cats from the disturb from outside
  • Two hammocks in different shapes: A cozy basket-shaped hammock is cat’s favorite, giving kitties a feeling of been wrapped up, like sleeping in a soft cloud. The hammock in the middle of the cat house adds more interest to curious cats
  • Multiple places for cats to sharpen claws and play: Cats naturally love to sharpen their claws. A wide scratching board and sisal-wrapped scratching posts are just what cats need. Extra toy balls add more fine for cat to play
  • Sturdy and stable: The cat furniture is supported by sturdy posts, enlarged baseboard to avoid wobbling or tipping over. Strengthened with battens to ensure overall stability. Anti-toppling fittings ensure double safety

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Hey-brother Cat Tree, 71 inches XL Large Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat House with 3 Padded Perches, Big Scratcher, Cozy Basket, 2 Cat Condos and Scratching Posts, Smoky Gray MPJ034G

Introducing the Hey-brother 71″ XL Large Cat Tree, the perfect multi-level cat tower designed to meet the needs of your indoor cats. This impressive cat tree stands at 71 inches, offering ample space for climbing, scratching, lounging, and playing. Crafted with attention to detail, this cat tree ensures that your feline friends have a comfortable and engaging environment to enjoy.

The cat tree features three padded perches, providing soft and elevated resting spots for your cats to observe their surroundings. The spacious and cozy basket adds another layer of comfort, allowing your cats to curl up and relax. With two roomy cat condos, your cats have the perfect private retreat to hide and sleep peacefully.

Equipped with multiple sisal-covered scratching posts and a big scratcher, this cat tree supports your cat’s natural scratching behavior, promoting healthy claws and protecting your furniture from damage. The smoky gray color of the cat tree seamlessly integrates with any home decor, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Hey-brother 71″ XL Large Cat Tree is designed for stability and durability, making it suitable for households with multiple cats. The clear assembly instructions make it easy to set up, ensuring your cats can enjoy their new playhouse quickly. Invest in this cat tower to enhance your cats’ overall well-being and provide them with endless entertainment and comfort.

large cat tree

The Hey-brother team is made up of senior cat lovers. We are familiar with cats and understand all their real needs.

Our products are made of high quality and comfortable plush fabric, particle board and scratch resistant sisal rope. With a comfortable hammock, hanging small toys, enlarged cat litter space and luxurious backrest platform, Whether you have kittens, large cats or aged cats, our cat tree is a wonderful home for cat climbing, clawing, resting and exercising.

cat tree

3 large platforms

Three large observation decks can accommodate multiple proud cats at the same time to overlook their territory.

cat toy

Movable cat teaser stick

The extra cat teaser stick can let the cat play by itself, and they can also increase the interactive fun of cat and its owner.


13.8″ Diameter Basket

With a diameter of 13.8 “the basket provides perfect wrapping and it is an ideal nap spot for big cats.


Sturdy hammock

A hammock is the favorite place for cats to nap, it provides cats a feeling of being wrapped.

cat tree

12.6″ x 12.6″ Luxury Perches

The 12.6″ x 12.6″ luxury Perches are ideal gazebos for big Cats.

The fluffy surface is what cats like.

cat condo

Big cat cave

18.9″ × 11.81″ large cat cave is an ideal shelter for big cats

Product Features

  1. XL LARGE DESIGN: 71-inch tall cat tree with multiple levels, perfect for large cats and multi-cat households.
  2. PADDED PERCHES: Features three padded perches, offering soft and elevated resting spots for your cats.
  3. SPACIOUS CONDOS: Includes two roomy condos for cats to hide, sleep, and feel secure in their own space.
  4. COZY BASKET: Provides an additional comfortable basket for cats to curl up and unwind.
  5. SCRATCHING POSTS: Multiple sisal-covered posts and a big scratcher promote healthy scratching habits and protect furniture.
  6. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made with high-quality materials ensuring stability and durability for active, large cats.
  7. ELEGANT DESIGN: Smoky gray color that seamlessly fits into any home decor, adding a touch of sophistication.
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