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PETKIT Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, PuraMax Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats, App Control/xSecure/Odor Removal Automatic Cat Litter Box Includes Trash Bags and K3 Smart Air Purifier Spray

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  • Color: White
  • Size: X-Large
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 21.18″L x 24.4″W x 21.73″H
  • Item Weight: 30.45 Pounds

About this item

  • 100% SAFE FOR CATS: With several safety mechanisms as well as excellent smart sensors, the xSecure system offers your cat a safe potty experience. It consists of infrared sensor, weight sensors, remote alerts, an accident protection system, and smart detection to keep your cats safe. In addition, It automatically pauses when your cat approaches or detects a weight change. Warm Tips: Applicable weight range for cats: 1.5kg to 8kg, do not use for young pets under 6 months.
  • Extra Large Capacity for Large Cats and Multi-cat Family: Size of the inner bucket: 18.89 x 20.47 inch(diameter), 76L large space is enough for cats up to 18 lbs,7L large waste bin allows up to 15 days of free scooping for one cat. The 7.8 inch low-entry design is friendly to older cats, short-legged cats, and cats with limited mobility.
  • For All Clumping Cat Litter & Sticky-Free: Puramax litter box is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter such as clay litter, tofu litter, mixed litter, bentonite litter and more (Except crystal cat litter). The auto cat litter box comes with high performance non-woven fabric cylinder mat to prevent soft faeces from sticking to the cat litter box. Nylon oxford cloth resists scratches and prevents piles from sticking and leaking.
  • Smart App Control: Puramax, which is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi enabled, has 3 alternative cleaning modes: auto-cleaning mode, scheduled-cleaning mode, and manual-cleaning mode. You can set the device to scheduled or automatic cleaning mode via the PETKIT app. Enjoy a hands-free cleaning experience with the smart PETKITapp. You can control the litter box and air purifier spray, keep tracking your cat’s behaviour and health at anytime anywhere through the PETKIT app. To activate the manual-cleaning mode, simply tap the “Clean” button via the PETKIT app or press the button on the Puramax to clean the cat litter box.
  • Double Odor Removal: 100% sealed waste bin and removable odor eliminator, the waste is transported into the waste bin inside the litter box. The tightly sealed waste bin prevents unpleasant odours. Air Purifier Smart Spray deodorizes automatically after cleaning,planned deodorization via app.
  • U.S. BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE: PETKIT provides 12 months manufacturer warranty and service. Any questions or problems regarding the PETKIT products, please feel free to contact us. We offer US-based customer support team to help you. You can contact us by the US phone number or email, all emails will be replied within 24 hours.
  • Kindly Notice: Do not place the device on carpets or mats as this may interfere with the sensors of the device and cause malfunctions. Please place the device on a flat floor and do not block the entrance to the cat litter tray.


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petkit pura max cat litter box self cleaning litter tray

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Glover
Buena Inversión

Mi idea era ya no batallar con estar limpiando el arenero a diario o cada ciertos días y buscar una forma de eliminar los olores, este arenero llegó a facilitar eso. Al principio se me hizo muy caro y me sentía indecisa por los comentarios pero hasta el momento es la mejor inversión que pude hacer. Sólo me preocupo de retirar la bolsa del recipiente cada 2 semanas (aprox), no se desperdicia arena como decía en otros comentarios pero creo que eso va a depender de la marca que uno use, yo use una de PETKIT y Scoop Away y todo bien, y lo mejor de todos ya no mas olores.


So I was super skeptical about this litter box, but since buying my initial Puramax, I've since purchased a second because I love this thing so much.We have 4 cats in our household, so we have two of these boxes. Normally you're supposed to have 1 litter box per cat + an additional one, but honestly, with how clean these stay, I think the two Puramaxes we have are perfect.IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH THE BOX NOT TRACKING YOUR CAT'S WEIGHT AND BOX USEAGE IT MUST BE PLACED ON A HARD SURFACE. This feature will NOT work on carpet! It also specifies this in the instruction manual!I initially encountered this issue because one of the boxes is placed on our second floor where it's 100% carpeted, but I slid an appropriately sized piece of plexiglass under it and now it's recording the weights and usage times perfectly.I also haven't had any issues with urine collecting underneath the barrel, and I believe I have figured out why so many people might've had this issue:All of our cats are female, and male cats have a tendency to be "high pee-ers" which means they just spray their pee on the side of the barrel, which trickles down under the pad that holds the litter. This is unfortunately maybe not the best litter box option if you do have a high pee-er, but since all of our girls squat to pee, we've not had a single leakage issue.Another issue I've read about folks having is that they're seeing their cats' leavings get smeared on the inside of the barrel. A good way to mitigate this is to just delay the automatic cleaning feature by ten minutes after every use, which can be done in the app. It does NOT affect the smell whatsoever, especially if you're using the correct litter!We are also using the PetKit mixed tofu litter with this box as I believe that using a product that was intended for use with another product is the best way to maximise the efficacy of it! I used to use Arm & Hammer SLIDE litter, but I've actually found that the PetKit tofu litter is like, WAY better by a mile, it doesn't track hardly anything, it removes odor completely, and it clumps super fast!If you don't have a high pee-er or a urine spraying cat, or if you have all female cats like we do, this litter box is a no-brainer. It's half the price of the leading automated litter box, much quieter, takes up less space, is nicer to look at, works better, like cmon! It really is a dream!Anyway, I'd grab this on sale if you can! 100000% worth the price!

Kenny Knives
Started breaking down 😿

Don't get me wrong there’s pros to owning one of these but unfortunately the cons are too great in comparison.I got this back in June of 2023. I have two cats that use this. I check it daily and only put the recommended amount of litter. Unfortunately being used everyday like it’s meant to be seems to really take a toll on it. First the litter liner that came with it started allowing the pee to leak and sagged litter into the crevices all the way to the bottom where the barrel rotates. Took a look and the stitchings of the liner where tearing. That happened within 4ish months of owning it. Saw it was meant to be replaced so i said okay maybe it’s just normal wear and tear and didn’t fault it. Now fast forward to the present and the app hasn’t been registering the cats name to their assigned weight. I did everything from reseting the machine and reassigning the cats with their weight again and again. Then i noticed the panel that holds the air purifier broke off one of the 3 pegs that allows it to latch on and stay put. Causing it to come loose and allowing litter to fly out with every cleaning.I debated on getting help via their support due to my past experiencing no reply back when i first contacted them about the litter panel. I caved and reached out and it’s a mess. All i get back is an automated message just repeating what i already done. Over 8 messages replying with the same message and asking again to resend pictures of my issues that i had already submitted. And it finally got escalated into a “ticket” now making me wait for a reply. When I went to try to sign into the app to check my kitties poo progress it logged me out and said my email wasn't registered to an account. I decided enough was enough and called the line. A worker named earl replied and i can’t tell if he just woke up or was bored out of his mind with the tone and answers he gave. Once he found out i had a previous ticket opened for the broken panel he perked up and told me id have to wait for the reply to the ticket and was quick to end the call. I called again because great the panel situation was under a ticket but my app access was nonexistent. Earl answered and was like yeah there’s nothing i can do submit a ticket. Like why even have customer support phone number if it’s all going to be pushed to a ticket and be addressed later? Without app access I can’t clean the litter machine or keep track of my cats usage. I love using the app when im away running errands or at work to clean it incase the robot needs an extra rotation to fully clean out the used litter. I paid for not only the machine but the app and expect it work especially if it hasn’t even been a year. The ease of access and use of the app was advertised with said product and id expect them to fulfill their part.If you decided to purchase one please be cautious as you'd get better help from other users on other websites. Support can’t be bothered they just wanna chuck you into a ticket and will just send you a repeat of instructions already available to you when you setup your litter machine.Again if you do go through with the purchase here are some tips.When you take apart the barrel place it on a soft cushioned surface as it dents so easily and there is no replacements for it.Do not overfill the litter as it will spill out and under the barrel not only causing possible scratches to the barrel but trapping the smell.Please make sure you go into maintenance mode when refilling litter that way it levels it out and accounts for the weight added.Make sure to set it to at least rotate twice after every use because you want to guarantee all the used litter is shuffled out.If you want to avoid a mess when it comes to possible spills due to the inner liner id suggest peeking under the barrel while it’s in rotation and see if any pee streaks are visible. If they’re then you can easily take it apart and catch the little that spilled under the barrel.

Not your mother's robot litterbox--No smells! SILENT.

As a kid in the mid-2000s, my mom got a robot litterbox. We were busy with all our kid activities and it was hard to keep up on the litterbox to prevent smells. That thing was awful! The top was open, there was inefficient scooping, and it wasn't always working correctly. It required special litter and really left me with an impression that hand scooping was not only easier but way cheaper too. Well, now I am a busy working mom and find myself with a cat who manages to produce an impressive amount of smelly waste. I was having that same trouble of keeping up with the litterbox. It felt like if I waited a day and a half due to my schedule, it stunk up the whole house. And since he's getting older and about 7 months now (cannot use this box younger than 6 months it says), his #2 will knock you out anywhere in the house if you are home. The robot litter box seemed appealing. I was very skeptical based on my previous experience. I did not want to pay an insane amount of money ($800) for the one advertised on social media nor did I want to buy the litterbox that looked like the same one my mom had gotten 20 years ago. I wanted something that worked for my wallet and for scooping. THIS IS IT. I decided on the larger drum and I'm glad I did. My cat is not yet full grown but he likes a spacious litter box. Hopefully he manages those expectations as he gets to his adult size, but if you have a cat who is on the larger side (length), make sure you spring for the larger drum size. It does set a weight limit so this may not work for your chonker or large potat cat. The litterbox is roughly the same size as a regular litterbox with lid, but it is larger. It won't take up too much more floor space though. It does need to be set away from the wall (5cm, so not much) because of the rotation of the drum. Not a big deal, but something I did not understand until I had the thing in my house. Also, the box it is shipped in is the perfect box fort for a child. It is a huge box! Huge! When the litterbox does do it's spin, the noise is so silent. In fact, yesterday my husband was home alone with the litterbox for the first time since we got it about a week ago. He says he had a slight sense of panic of "who's in the house" when he smelled some perfume because he did not hear the litterbox go but did smell the deodorizing mist. Quickly, this deodorizing spray is pleasant and not heavy. I am sensitive to smells but this is a nice one. I don't want to guarantee you will like it, but I would think you would have a hard time finding fault with it. As other reviews have said, the litter causes the most noise. The motor to move the drum is extremely quiet. You can be across the room by 10-15 ft and barely hear it- even next to it is quite quiet! Turn up volume on the video all the way... you cannot hear it moving and I am about 5 ft away. The litter does make noise, but we use the "lightweight" litter so it makes the softest swish noise. Highly recommend this combo as I can see how using a pellet or more traditional litter would cause the litter noise to be loud. The loudest part is when the clump of waste thumps it way into the garbage bin to the side. My cat is suspicious of robots. It took quite a bit of those puree treats to get him to kind of be ok with the litterbox. Then he held his little bladder until the next morning. Luckily I was home to encourage him to get in there the first time. He really hates the feeling of the included mat on his paws so we are still working on getting that set down. He would not go near the litter box with the mat also down so for now we are using just his old litter mat. You can see this in my video. Sorry for moving the camera view midvideo, but it was his first time using the box and I wasn't thinking about the cinematic debut. As others have said, it not only knows the weight of the cat but it also tracks the duration they spend to help inform you somehow. It might be important later, but it's just kind of funny for now. The app seems much smoother than other reviews have said. It does have a teeny ad space for more PetKit products in the corner, but it's easy to ignore. The app seems very intuitive and easy to use. I think even if you are not well verse in tech you will be fine. Just want to counter what the past reviews from last year point out. The app keeps track of how full the garbage is, the deodorizing liquid fill level, and the odor remover packet in the garbage as well as the bathroom habits of your pet. I also got an automatic feeder that easily links to it. I got their water fountain too, but mine is not smart like these other kinds, so it doesn't connect to the app really. It's kind of like a one stop app for all their "smart" products. Yes, there are features you might want to ignore, but overall I like the app. In unboxing, there is minimal assembly. I had to change the little interior mesh as it comes with the pellet size litter sifter installed (seen in the photo as oran...

Tessila Abbott
I no longer need to scoop!

I am more impressed with this product than I thought I was going to be. It was a large expense, even on sale, but I figured I would give it a try. I've been having issues with at least one of my little spayed ladies pooping outside their boxes. The boxes were "top load", so there was jumping on top necessary to enter, and I started wondering if my older cat (10 years old, a little less than 14 lbs) was having trouble. I also thought that potentially the other cat (1 year old, a little less than 10 lbs) was marking. We've had issues with her in the past going to the bathroom in specific areas of the house that were not in the litter box. Once I closed off her access to those areas it seemed to mostly go away. I've come across newer instances of it though and am currently hoping it's just because the box isn't "clean enough" for her. The other potential reason is she is a vindictive jerk but whatever.I've had the litter robot operational and available for 24 hours. Both girls have used it multiple times today, back to back this last time in which I took the photos when I got home from work. It seems like they've exclusively switched to using it already. They are obsessed with watching it go through its cleaning cycle. I was worried they would be scared of it, but they are incredibly interested in watching it. If you weren't watching it, you'd never know it was working. It is amazingly quiet. For me thats more important because cats are usually skitish and more nervous around loud, unusual noises (especially true for my older cat). The deodorizer works well and has a pleasant scent, not over powering, while also essentially silent. I can't really smell it unless it's going off.The excrement falls exactly where it's supposed to. Looks like it'll only really need a wipe down when changing out to fresh litter.I love the app. It does a great job of distinguishing between my girls as there is a 4 lb weight difference. Could be super helpful when trying to monitor potential illnesses. I'm really hoping this feature helps me figure out the poo culprit if it continues. I'm honestly thinking this solves most potential problem they could have that isnt strictly behavioral though, with it being a lower profile entrance, always clean, and always fresh smelling.All in all, so far I love it after 24 hours. If I notice anything negative, I'll try to update. I'm most nervous about the fabric bottom. It's got a coating thats supposed to make it waterproof and I'm assuming its sturdy enough to tolerate digging, but I suppose I shall find that out in time. It came with a very nice mat to collect litter when the cats exit, but my cats are jerks that launch themselves out of it still managing to get litter everywhere. It catches some but is a bit small for their use I suppose. The mat wasn't at all my reason for buying it but suppose it could be noted.Right now I'm very happy. I honestly think it was worth it for the tech, features, and functionality of the machine. Most of the parts seem to be of decent or high quality. The plastic material used doesn't seem very sturdy, particularly the tray holding the waste, but it seems to be engineered well. I feel like it was a big win for me and my girls really seem to love it. If you're on the fence and want a little "splurge" to make life a touch easier, I would recommend giving it a try.

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