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Made4Pets Cat Tree, Modern 65″ Tall Cat Tower for Indoor Cats – Wood Condo with Hammock, Scratching Post, and Removable Pads for Small and Large Cats

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  • Pattern Name: Cat Tower – 65.6in
  • Target Species: cats, kittens
  • Product Dimensions: 22.8″L x 15.7″W x 65.6″H
  • Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes
  • Specific Uses For Product: Indoor
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor

About this item

About this item

  • Creative and Functional: Different from carpet-covered cat trees, we designed this wood cat tree which combines an elegant look with practicality.
  • Easy to Clean: The soft pads can be detached for washing, preventing the growth of bacteria and bugs, to create a clean and comfortable environment for cats.
  • Simple to Assemble: The instruction comes with lots of images which is very easy to follow. From children to the elderly, people of all ages could easily assemble the cat furniture within one or two hours. All tools and accessories needed are given in the package. 4 foam pads could be stuck on the bottom to protect your floor from scuffing.
  • Well-Made and Reliable: Worried about stability? It is sturdy enough for multi-cats to play. You can fasten it to the wall with the security strap, then the cats can jump up and down freely without wobbly!
  • Release Nature Instincts of Cats: The cute trouble makers who love climbing and chasing can’t miss this cat tree! The hanging furry ball(with a replacement) and rope will drive them crazy!
  • Protect Furniture from Claws: High perch, steps, and scratch posts could save your furniture and curtains! Cat-shaped door condo and hammock allow kittens to rest after exercise.
  • Online Q & A: Our customer service will help you as soon as possible if needed. Please feel free to tell us your considerations. Get Start Now! Don’t hesitate to build a stylish functional activity park for your pet friends together with Made4Pets!

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Made4Pets Cat Tree, Modern Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Cats – 65″ Tall Wood Condo with Hammock, Scratching Post and Removable Pads for Small Large Cats

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At Made4Pets, we hold a deep-rooted belief that pets are more than mere creatures; they are a cherished part of our families. This belief inspired us to embark on a journey with a clear purpose – to create products and experiences that not only serve the practical needs of pets and their owners but also reinforce the bond between them.

Product Description

Enhance your home with the stylish and functional Made4Pets Cat Tree, a modern 65-inch tall cat tower designed for indoor cats of all sizes. This beautifully crafted cat tree features a sleek wood design that seamlessly blends with any home decor, providing your feline friends with a luxurious and engaging space to climb, play, and relax.

The Made4Pets Cat Tree includes multiple levels and platforms, catering to your cats’ natural instincts for climbing and exploring. The spacious wood condo offers a cozy hideaway for naps, while the comfortable hammock provides the perfect spot for lounging and swaying. Durable sisal-covered scratching posts promote healthy scratching habits, keeping your cats’ claws in top condition and protecting your furniture from damage.

One of the standout features of this cat tree is its removable pads, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The pads can be easily taken off and washed, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your pets. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure stability and longevity, making it safe for both small and large cats.

Easy to assemble with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included, the Made4Pets Cat Tree is the ultimate activity center for your indoor cats, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Product Features

  • MODERN DESIGN: Sleek wood construction that complements any home decor, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.
  • MULTIPLE LEVELS: Provides various platforms and levels for climbing, jumping, and exploring, keeping your cats active and entertained.
  • SPACIOUS CONDO: Offers a cozy and private hideaway for naps and relaxation, ensuring your cats have a secure space to retreat.
  • COMFORTABLE HAMMOCK: Soft hammock provides a perfect spot for lounging and swaying, adding to your cats’ comfort and enjoyment.
  • SISAL SCRATCHING POSTS: Durable posts promote healthy scratching habits, protecting your furniture and keeping your cats’ claws in top condition.
  • REMOVABLE PADS: Easy-to-clean pads can be removed and washed, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your pets.
  • STURDY AND SAFE: High-quality materials and construction ensure stability and safety for both small and large cats.
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