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Modern Floor to Ceiling Sisal Cat Tree – Beige, 30x30x40cm, Durable Cat Scratcher for Playing, Climbing, and Lounging, Perfect for Cats of All Sizes, Easy to Assemble, Pet-Friendly


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  • Target Species: Cat
  • Product Dimensions: 30x30x40cm
  • Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes
  • Specific Uses For Product: Behavior
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor

About this item

About this item

  • VERTICAL DESIGN: Simply Scratch is perfect for cats that prefer to scratch vertically; the upright design allows for optimum stretch and exercise to the back and shoulder muscles while meeting your cat’s scratching needs
  • FUN & PLAY: Entice play with the attached hanging toy – your cat wouldn’t be able to resist taking a swipe
  • HELPS SAVE FURNITURE: Assists in curbing aberrant and destructive scratching behavior by providing an appropriate scratching outlet; for best results, place near furniture popular with claws to help redirect their behavior
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Featuring twisted natural seagrass rope fibers wrapped around the post for vigorous scratching; the material can withstand even the sharpest of claws
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Simply Scratch One Size, 30x30x40cm
  • SATISFIES INSTINCTS: Cats scratch to mark territory, self-soothe, express emotions, and promote healthy nail growth; scratchers are designed to satisfy this natural instinct while providing cats an appropriate scratching outlet

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Product Features

  • STYLISH DESIGN – Neutral beige color blends seamlessly with home décor, offering a modern look for your living space.
  • COMPACT SIZE – Measuring 30x30x40cm, this cat tree fits perfectly in small spaces while providing ample play and rest areas.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS – High-quality sisal wrapping ensures a perfect scratching surface, protecting your furniture from damage.
  • MULTIPLE LEVELS – Various platforms and levels cater to your cat’s climbing and lounging needs, keeping them active and engaged.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – User-friendly instructions make setup quick and hassle-free, so your cat can start enjoying their new playground immediately.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing only 1.5 kgs, this cat tree is easy to move and reposition, providing flexibility in your home setup.
  • PET-FRIENDLY – Safe and durable construction offers a reliable environment for cats of all sizes, ensuring long-lasting use and enjoyment.

Product Description

Our Simply Scratch Seagrass Scratching Post offers a natural, durable, and satisfying seagrass-wrapped post with a dangling feather toy for an extra kitty lure. Easy to assemble, cats love the pleasing texture of natural Seagrass and the feel-good body stretch they get gripping and ripping at this sturdy and durable scratch post. The instinct to scratch is hard-wired into cats; they scratch to mark territory and promote healthy nail growth, as well as stretch, tone muscles, and alleviate stress. SmartyKat’s innovative cat scratchers offer various combinations of scratch surfaces and angles to please any cat and redirect natural scratching behavior away from furnishings. SmartyKat toys, beds, and scratchers are designed to meet the needs of your cat: Exercise, Hunt, Stimulation, Interaction, Scratch, and Comfort without forgetting about FUN! Kids and pets often share the same space in the home and will have access to each other’s toys. That is why we design products to meet child safety standards; ensuring kids in the home are safe, whether they are two-footed or four-pawed! We utilize recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible. Please read all packaging instructions, warnings and cautions upon receipt. Packaging may contain small parts, discard after opening.



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