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ZenKitty Disposable Litter Box 4 ct Bundle, Biodegradable


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  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: ZEN KITTY
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Paper
  • Product Dimensions: 17″L x 13″W x 5″H
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Style: Modern
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Manufacturer: Ultra Pet
  • UPC: 633843210000 63384320020

About this item

  • Disposable
  • Biodegradable
  • Great For Travel
  • Leak Proof
  • Light Weight
  • No cleaning of litter box required. After a month dispose and replace.
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Product Description:

Introducing the ZenKitty Disposable Litter Box 4 ct Bundle, the perfect eco-friendly solution for your cat’s litter needs. These biodegradable litter boxes are designed to provide a convenient, hygienic, and environmentally responsible way to manage your cat’s litter. Each bundle includes four disposable litter boxes, ensuring that you always have a fresh and clean option available.

ZenKitty Disposable Litter Boxes are made from high-quality, biodegradable materials that are sturdy and durable. They are built to withstand daily use while effectively containing waste and preventing leaks. The thoughtful design ensures that each box is large enough to offer your cat ample space to move around comfortably, promoting better litter habits and reducing stress.

One of the standout features of the ZenKitty Disposable Litter Box is its eco-friendliness. By choosing a biodegradable option, you are helping to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a healthier planet. These litter boxes break down naturally after disposal, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Using ZenKitty Disposable Litter Boxes is incredibly easy. Simply set up the box, fill it with your preferred cat litter, and use it for a set period. When it’s time to replace the box, dispose of the used one and set up a new one from your bundle. This hassle-free process eliminates the need for constant cleaning and maintenance, making it perfect for busy pet owners or those who travel frequently.

Invest in ZenKitty Disposable Litter Boxes for a clean, convenient, and eco-friendly litter solution that benefits both you and your cat. With their durable construction, easy disposal, and environmental benefits, these litter boxes are the ideal choice for conscientious pet owners.

Product features:

  1. ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from biodegradable materials, these litter boxes break down naturally after disposal, reducing environmental impact.
  2. DURABLE & STURDY: High-quality construction ensures each box is strong enough to withstand daily use without leaks.
  3. CONVENIENT BUNDLE: Comes in a 4-count bundle, providing you with a fresh, clean litter box option whenever needed.
  4. SPACIOUS DESIGN: Each box is large enough to offer ample space for your cat to move around comfortably, promoting better litter habits.
  5. EASY DISPOSAL: Simply dispose of the used box and replace it with a new one from the bundle, eliminating the need for constant cleaning.
  6. HYGIENIC SOLUTION: Maintains a clean and sanitary litter area, reducing odors and promoting a healthier environment for your cat.
  7. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Ideal for use at home or on the go, providing a convenient and portable litter solution for traveling with your cat.
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