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Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat, Cat Window Hammocks Bed for Indoor Cats, Large Cat Perch with Sturdy Screw Suction Cups for Large Cats & Kittens

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  • Material: Wood
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 15 x 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.96 Pounds

About this item

  • 【Space Saving & Easy Install】CATISM cat hammock can be easily installed on windows or smooth surfaces without extra tools. Install to any clean and non-porous surface in seconds for stability and convenience. Cat window perch easy to fold when not in use,saving space.
  • 【Wooden Cat Hammock】1、Our cat window perch made of wood materials, non-toxic and harmless, friendly to cats. 2. The cat hammock widened side plate is stable and durable, can withstand the jumping and activities of the cat,has a long service life. 3. Comfortable and safe: The surface of the wooden hammock is smooth, does not harm the cat’s paws and skin.
  • 【Cat Hammock Size】The cat window bed overall size of our cat window perch is 19.7″L*15″W*20.5″H. Oversized cat hammock windows with sturdy and secure upgraded suction cups can accommodate multiple cats.
  • 【Machine Washable】Cat hammock has a removable cat window seat,can be washed by hand and machine, khaki high-quality fabric durable and washable,so that cats enjoy a comfortable and clean cat bed.
  • 【Upgraded Suction Cups】Our cat window hammocks feature high quality spiral suckers with a diameter of 8.5cm/3.35″,stronger and longer lasting suction, and load capacity of up to 40lbs. When you install the top two suckers, press them firmly against the glass and tighten clockwise.Make sure the sucker is firmly attached to the contact surface!


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cat window hammock

Provide A Comfortable Sunbathing Cat Window Perch

cat window perch

As we all know, cats are always looking for a scenic spot to enjoy the sunshine. The CATISM Cat Window Perch provides the ultimate relaxation spot for your cats to sunbathe and watch the birds outside!

Our Cat Window Seat boasts a thoughtful foldable design that blends functionality and aesthetics. Its foldability allows it to disappear when not in use, maintaining the visual harmony of your living space without compromising your cat’s comfort. Discover the unfolding possibilities with CATISM, where every inch of your space counts.

cat window hammocks for indoor cats

Here’s a quick guide to keeping those suction cups sturdy:

1. Cleanliness is key! Make sure the surface is spotless before you stick.

2. Soak the suction cups in hot water for 3 minutes to help soften the material, then wipe dry

3. Press the suction cup firmly against the surface, avoid air bubbles between the cup and the surface.

4. Give that suction cup a little tug to double-check it’s hugging the surface tightly.

Time to step back and watch your feline friend explore their new lofty lounge!

*Pro Tip: Changes in temperature and humidity can affect the pliability of the suction cup, potentially leading to the development of air bubbles and the cup detaching from the surface. We recommend periodically checking the attachment and cleaning both the surface and suction cups as needed.

cat window seat

Experience the marriage of natural sophistication and uncompromised comfort with the CATISM Cat Window Hammock. Crafted from natural, robust wood, the hammock provides a touch of nature that pairs well with any home décor. The wooden structure not only imparts a rustic charm but also assures durability and strength, promising a secure haven for your feline friends.

But what is a haven without comfort? Our Cat Window Perch, draped in high-quality fabric, is a soft embrace in a sturdy frame. The premium fabric ensures a plush experience for your cat, inviting them to lounge in absolute comfortResistant to wear and tear, it assures long-lasting coziness, making the Cat Window Hammock a timeless accessory for your pet’s enjoyment.

cat window perch for large cats


Give your feline friend a luxurious spot to lounge and play with our Cat Window Perch. Designed with extra strong suction cups and a cordless, sturdy metal frame, this cat bed provides a secure and comfortable resting place for medium and large cats. The beige hammock offers a cozy space for your cat to nap, while the included free cat toy adds an element of fun. This versatile cat shelf can be easily mounted on any window, allowing your pet to enjoy the view and sunbathe in comfort.

Product Features:

  • Extra Strong Suction Cups: Provides a secure hold on windows, ensuring your cat’s safety.
  • Cordless Sturdy Metal Frame: Durable and stable construction to support medium and large cats.
  • Comfortable Hammock: Soft beige fabric offers a cozy and inviting place for your cat to relax.
  • Free Cat Toy Included: Adds interactive fun to your cat’s lounging area.
  • Versatile Cat Shelf: Perfect for mounting on any window to give your cat a perfect sunbathing spot.


  • Secure and Stable: Strong suction cups and metal frame ensure the perch stays in place.
  • Easy Installation: No tools or drilling required, simply attach to any window.
  • Comfortable and Inviting: Plush hammock provides a soft and warm resting place.
  • Interactive Play: Free cat toy keeps your cat entertained and engaged.
  • Suitable for Medium and Large Cats: Robust design can hold the weight of larger cats.


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