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HYABi 63-Inch Cat Tree Creative Flower Cat Tower Cat Apartment with Flower Rest Platform(Large 7 Platforms)


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  • Size: Large 7 Platforms
  • Target Species: Cat
  • Product Dimensions: 24″L x 24″W x 63″H
  • Breed Recommendation: Large Breeds, Cat
  • Specific Uses For Product: Indoor
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor

About this item

About this item

  • This exquisite cat tree boasts a stunning floral design that is both vibrant and functional. Not only is it ideal for feline recreation, but it also seamlessly complements any household decor.
  • Our cat tree is designed to cater to various needs of your beloved pet, including paw grinding, habitat, scratching, rest, and entertainment. With ample space for activities, your kitten can indulge in its natural instincts and stay content. Moreover, regular exercise will keep your cat in good spirits and physical health, while also safeguarding your valuable furniture from any potential damage.
  • The implementation of mechanical structural design enhances the stability of the cat tree,and the incorporation of mechanical engineering principles into the design process results in a more robust and secure framework for feline recreation.
  • The board is made of P2 grade particleboard certified by CARB and covered with 400 grams of skin friendly plush, providing a comfortable and safe rest environment for kittens.
  • Don’t worry about assembly, our cat tree is equipped with detailed instructions and installation videos, which can be installed quickly and easily, including all accessories and tools


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High Quality And Environmental Protection Particleboard, No Odor


Best Quality Sisal Picked At 27 Degrees North Latitude


Comfortable And Soft Plush Cloth


Mechanical Structure Design Makes The Cat Climbing Frame More Stable


There Is Two Plush Ball That Cats Like


Lovely Flower Shape Full Of Design Sense

Product Features

  1. Creative Design: The HYABi Cat Tree measures 63 inches in height and features a whimsical flower theme, providing a playful and visually appealing structure for your cats.
  2. Multiple Platforms: Includes 7 large platforms designed as flower rests, offering ample space for multiple cats to lounge, climb, and explore.
  3. Sturdy Construction: Made with high-quality materials, this cat tree ensures stability and durability, perfect for active and large cats.
  4. Comfort and Style: Soft, plush fabric covers each platform, providing a cozy resting place while adding a touch of elegance to your home decor.
  5. Easy Assembly: Designed for easy setup, this cat tree comes with clear instructions and all necessary hardware, making assembly a breeze.
  6. Encourages Play: The multiple levels and unique design stimulate your cat’s natural instincts, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.
  7. Space-Saving: Despite its height, the vertical design maximizes floor space, making it suitable for both small and large living areas.

Product Description

The HYABi 63-Inch Cat Tree is a creative and functional cat tower that brings a touch of nature indoors with its flower-themed design. Featuring 7 large platforms shaped like flower rests, this cat apartment provides plenty of space for your cats to lounge, climb, and play. Made with high-quality materials, it ensures stability and durability, accommodating even the most active and large cats. The soft, plush fabric covering each platform offers a comfortable resting place, while the whimsical design enhances your home decor. Easy to assemble, this cat tree comes with clear instructions and all necessary hardware. Its vertical design is perfect for maximizing floor space, making it suitable for any living area. Give your cats the ultimate play and rest area with the HYABi Creative Flower Cat Tower.

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