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Automatic Cat Feeder Cordless – Automatic Cat Food Dispenser for Wet Moist Food with 4 Ice Packs Rechargeable Auto Feeder for Cats Small Dogs with Programmable Timer Low Battery Indicator

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  • Material: Food Grade BPA-free ABS Material
  • Target Species: Cats, Small Dogs & Pets
  • Product Dimensions: 14.09 x 13.31 x 5.51 inches
  • Weight: 6.94 Pounds
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Feed your pet wet food, and have 4 ice packs to keep wet food fresh
  • Special Feature: Easy to Program & Clean, Rechargeable, Portion Control, Paw Care, Upgraded Program

About this item

About this item

  • 【No More Worries about Feeding】Struggling to maintain a regular feeding routine for your pet? Casfuy automatic pet feeder offers effortless scheduling, ensuring your pet is fed timely, even when you’re away. This automatic feeder provides up to 6 meals per day, one immediate feeding and 5 scheduled feedings, accommodating your pet’s feeding pattern or assisting in establishing a healthy diet routine. No more early wake-up calls, or worries when you’re out for overtime, on a date, or have a fast-eater!
  • 【Never Compromise on Your Pet’s Nutrition】Casfuy automatic dog feeder features 6 separate food compartments, ensuring precise portions for your pet. It accommodates not only kibbles but also wet, moist, various sized dry foods, and even snacks, supporting a balanced and scientific diet. To retain the freshness of wet/semi-moist/fresh foods, it comes with 4 reusable ice packs. These ice packs stay frozen for 6-8 hours and can keep wet food fresh for up to 24 hours.
  • 【Easy to Program and Use】These cat automatic feeders operate on a 12-hour schedule. Coupled with the clear LCD display and touch panel, setting up the schedule takes just minutes. Moreover, this automatic dog food dispenser memorizes customized feeding schedules, eliminating the need for daily repetition. The secure design and the control panel lock ensure your pet is well-fed even in your absence. Additionally, its quiet operation won’t startle your pets when it dispenses food.
  • 【Cordless, Rechargable & Long-lasting】The auto cat feeder measures 12.6’’x12.9’’x3.4’’. With built-in rechargeable batteries, you can conveniently place the feeder anywhere in your home without worrying about tangled cords or restricted placement once it’s fully charged. The upgraded program enables a full charge to last about 15 more days compared to models with same battery capacity, eliminating the stress of frequent charging or power outages. (A Type-C charging cable is included; the adapter is not provided. Simply connect it to a 5V 1~2A adapter /outlet)
  • 【Care for Your Pet’s Safety & Health】These automatic cat feeders incorporate a paw-care design to prevent potential injuries. Crafted from food grade BPA-free ABS material, it prioritizes your pet’s health. Both the top cover and food tray are easily removable for cleaning-simply rinse under running water. Note: Avoid getting the electronic components wet when cleaning.


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Casfuy Rechargeable Automatic Cat Feeder with 4 ice packs supports wet and dry food.

Casfuy Automatic Cat Feeder Feeds Your Cat While You're Away

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
My cat didn’t die!

This worked well. I could not find a cat sitter so I decided to buy this for my next long trip. The directions were clear and easy to follow. Set up and loading in wet food took all of 15 minute. The ice packs kept the food relatively cold. My cat licked the compartments clean! Clean up was a breeze.

pch customer
Just what we needed

We bought this to setup whenever we're away for a couple of days and there's no one available to check up on our cats. It was very easy to program and set up. I wish the compartments were a bit wider, but that's because our flamepoint siamese is a chonk and hogs food. We'd get a second feeder, but she'd probably hog that too. -_- Anyway, love the product! It's very useful to have for short trips.

Mary J Solorzano
Very happy with this feeder!

Easy to use, easy to program and has increased the peace in our home! Does what it's supposed to.

Jordan W.
Cat not a fan

I was really hoping this product would help my cat become more independent with feeding and letting me sleep a little later in the morning. I tried placing treats, both dry and wet, and also a little whipped cream in the compartments to try and get my cat to use it, and he just wouldn’t. As much as I love the idea of this product, I’m going to to try and return it as there’s no sense keeping it if he won’t use it.Pros:- Multiple spots for food to schedule over the day- Ice packs to keep wet food fresh (having four made it easy to use two and freeze two and then swap them out)- The directions are straight forward making it fairly easy to program- Rechargeable- Easy to cleanDrawbacks:- The size of the compartments (width and depth) is too small to avoid whisker fatigue - when my cat would go to eat, his whiskers would touch the sides and then he would back away.- Due to the ice packs, the temperature of the food is quite chilly - really no different than coming out of the fridge, but my cat didn’t like it- The motor that rotates the compartments is quiet, but the beep that signals feeding time is loud. I wish there was a way to either lower the volume or select a different sound.

Best money I ever spent

I wanted an automatic feeder so that when I was at work or running errands I wouldn’t have to worry about my cat being fed. The catch is that my cat is blind and somewhat food aggressive. This feeder was easy to set up and use, super easy to clean, can take a beating, has ice packs (and a backup pair) for his wet food, and it beeps to let him know when his food is ready. It took not even a full day for my cat to get used to it and now when hears the beep he goes running. By far this is the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

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