Collection: Premium Cat Trees & Towers

For high-quality cat trees and towers that combine style and functionality, PCH is the place to go. Pet parents who don't want to sacrifice style can choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional cat trees in our collection. Because every cat tree is painstakingly constructed, your pet will have plenty of room to play, relax, and explore. Additionally, we recognize that cats have a natural need to scratch, which is why many of our trees and towers feature incorporated scratching posts to save your furniture while satisfying your cat's needs.

The ideal approach to offer your cat their own kingdom is with a cat tree. Large cat towers where your cat reigns are the ideal cat trees and condos. He is capable of anything from romping to swinging and lying. Not only are these cat trees and towers constructed of materials like carpet, fleece, or suede, but they're also quilted or cushioned, giving your cat plenty of space to scratch at his own pace. The more sleeping quarters and floors there are for lounging and admiring the various vistas of his environment, the larger the cat condo. The 72-inch Frisco Cat Tree is a cat lover's paradise.

As kitty rises to the top of the cat tower, he can hop from perch to perch in these multilevel, spacious residences for catnaps. It has two cat scratchboard ramps, three perches, ten appealing scratching posts, and entertaining dangling cat toys. With its small, compact dome shape, the Petmate Kitty Kat Condo is made to provide your cat with the solitude and space he deserves. He can curl up in his own small haven and snooze on the internal carpet. Its non-porous surface deters fleas and other pests, and it is water resistant.

Your pet is constantly game for a nice window cat perch. The Ultimate Post Perch Pad is a sturdy wooden stand with a machine-washable, reversible soft pad on top. With its 11-inch length, this cat stand is ideal for inspiring your lion to reach new heights and discover a renewed sense of purpose. Your little tiger can now have the extra climb and height they instinctively want in the comfort and security of your own home with cat trees and condos. They might be as low as 19 inches, or slightly over a foot, or as large as 108 inches, or more than eight feet, depending on their width and height.

For a more refined appearance that matches the design of your house, we even have contemporary cat trees and furniture. Get all the cat supplies you need, like the best dry cat food and canned wet cat food, at PetsCatHouse's online pet store. Your cat will love these condos and cat trees, which will keep them entertained and relaxed for hours on end.

FAQs about Cat Trees & Tower

Where should I put my cat tree?

Place your cat tree in a spot that will encourage a sense of security and tranquility and where it offers a wide, panoramic view. Refrain from planting trees in cramped or enclosed spaces, and keep them away from loud sources of noise like televisions and passing cars. Try several places if needed to find out where your cat likes to hang out.

What size cat tree should I get?

A cat tree should be chosen based on your living area as well as your cat's size and personality. While larger trees, if you have the space, work well for younger cats and multi-cat houses, compact cat trees typically suit senior cats and single-cat households. To assist minimize injuries from jumping, senior cats should not have trees that are too high.

How do you clean cat trees and towers?

Vacuuming the shelves and branches of cat trees and towers will help to get rid of dust and debris. Next, use a light detergent to wet a towel with warm, soapy water and wipe down the entire tree, including all of its parts. Make sure to enter every nook and cranny. Next, wipe the tree down with a fresh, moist towel. Lastly, give the tree time to dry fully before giving it back to your cat.

What are the best cat trees?

The best cat trees will have a sturdy construction and be the ideal size for your cats and home. Claw-friendly materials, including as carpet and sisal, facilitate climbing and scratching, and hanging toys give a playful touch. When fun is ended, patforms and cubbies make a terrific spot to hide and nap.