Collection: Heated and Hanging Cat Bed

Cats sleep a lot. Their peak activity usually occurs between dusk and dawn, leaving the mid-day hours for much-needed rest. Considering their penchant for extended periods of sleep, it's essential to invest in a comfortable cat bed to ensure your feline friend gets quality rest.

PetsCatHouse offers a range of high-quality cat beds, including pillow beds, orthopedic options, covered beds, and heated beds. Especially beneficial in colder climates or during chilly winter nights, a heated cat bed can significantly enhance your cat's sleeping experience. K&H Pet Products provides various heated cat beds, such as a heated cat house, soft outdoor heated bed, pet bed warmers, and warming pet pads. Transform your cat's favorite bed into a heated haven with the K&H pet bed microwave warmer, ideal for those chilly outdoor nights.

For a touch of elegance, consider Aspen Pet luxury cat beds, available in assorted colors and styles that seamlessly blend with your home decor. These eco-friendly cat beds are made from 100% recycled fiber fill, ensuring a comfortable and environmentally conscious choice. Easy care is guaranteed as each Aspen Pet cat bed is machine washable.

Whether you're crate training your kitty or providing a cozy spot to rest, crate mats add extra comfort to crate-sleeping cats. Find the perfect color, style, and texture to complement your home decor and ensure your feline friend enjoys a comfortable and stylish resting place. Discover a variety of top-notch cat beds online at PetsCatHouse today.

What’s the best type of Cat Bed for Your Cat?

Your cat may be sleeping in strange areas or on strange objects since it doesn't have a favorite sleeping surface in the location it wants to sleep. With 25 years of expertise, licensed pet behaviorist Russell Hartstein stated, "When cats don't have a bed or place that they prefer, they will often sleep in odd places." Thus, getting your cat the ideal cat bed in the ideal location could help put an end to their strange sleeping habits.

To find the best type of bed your cat prefers, consider these guidelines:

Observe Your Cat's Behavior: Take note of how and where your cat likes to sleep. If it tends to curl into a ball, consider a round bed. For those who find comfort under a basket of clothes or beneath an armchair, a cave bed might be more suitable. On the other hand, if your cat sprawls out on a windowsill or a couch cushion, a mat could be the ideal choice. According to Hartstein, exploring different styles based on your pet's preferences adds a fun aspect to being a pet parent. If one type of bed doesn't work, don't hesitate to experiment with another.

Prioritize Comfort: Take into account your cat's mobility and life stage when selecting a bed. Senior cats, for instance, benefit from thicker, orthopedic beds with a low entry lip, while more agile juveniles may not require such features.

Ensure Easy Cleaning: Opt for a cat bed that is machine washable to simplify cleaning and maintain your sanity. Follow the care instructions meticulously, as even slight deviations in the washing or drying process could lead to bunching or tearing.

Consider the Bed's Size: Tailor the size of the bed to your cat's sleeping habits. If your cat likes to stretch out, opt for a bed that allows ample room for this, measuring approximately the length of its body (excluding the tail), typically 18 to 20 inches long. For cats that prefer curling up, a round bolster or cave bed with a diameter of at least 15 inches is a good match. However, don't dismiss larger enclosed beds, as they offer a sense of security for cats while still allowing room to stretch when needed. Larger breeds like British shorthairs or Maine coons generally benefit from bigger beds.

Opt for Natural Materials: Considering cats' sensitive noses, choose bedding made from natural materials like cotton, wool, or unbleached fabrics. These materials allow better breathability compared to synthetics and often have fewer chemical odors. However, if your cat doesn't mind synthetic options, such as plush polyesters commonly found in pet bedding, feel free to explore within your budget.

Strategic Bed Placement: Observe your cat's favorite napping spots for guidance on where to place the bed. If your cat often naps in a sunny window, near a warm floor vent, or on the highest perch of a cat condo, consider situating the bed in these locations. Measure the space beforehand to ensure the bed fits seamlessly.

FAQs about Heated and Hanging Cat Bed

How do I get my cat to sleep in his bed?

Place your cat's bed in a quiet, out-of-the-way area that isn't too hot or too chilly to let him go asleep in it. A small amount of catnip or a few goodies placed on a new bed will occasionally persuade a cat to try it. Stuffing a piece of clothes or a cherished kitty blanket inside is another clever trick. Cats may need some time to become used to new things, so you might want to try a different kind of bed.

Do cats like open or closed beds?

Due to their individual differences, cats may not have the same preferences. When you know you can provide your cat exactly what they'll love, it may take some time to figure out if they prefer an open or closed bed.

How do I clean a cat bed?

Wash a cat bed in accordance with the label's or the package's care recommendations. Many cat beds include covers that can be removed and washed in the washing machine, making cleanup simple. Others might require lint rolling or spot cleaning instead. Before you purchase a new bed, make sure you read the maintenance instructions.

What are the best beds for cats?

The most comfy, easy-to-clean, and cat-sized beds are available. To find out which style your cat prefers, you might need to test a few different ones as feline preferences can vary greatly. If your cat prefers to be alone, consider a cave-style bed or a bolster bed. For joint relief, orthopedic or heated versions are available; for warmer areas, cooling cat beds are available; and there are fashionable options that match your décor well. You should have no issue selecting the purr-fect cat bed for your furry pet thanks to PetsCatHouse's wide assortment!

Does my cat really need a bed?

A cozy spot to lie is something that cats adore. Providing your cat with a luxuriously comfortable item of their own is still a terrific idea, even if they already love the couch or your bed.